Using Social Media

After the Unclogging the Blockages Sanitation workshop, we need your help to spread the word!  The more frequently that you use social media to share your thoughts and findings from the workshop, the more people listen.

 Here's what you can do, and what to expect:
Photos are now available on Facebook!  Check them out here: Sanitation as a Business Facebook Page  and please tag yourself!


Using Twitter, insert #unclogit somewhere in your post.  Throughout the workshop, you may have heard people say, "don't forget to use the hashtag unclogit" -- this means you should always type #unclogit at the end of your tweets (for both text and photos). A hashtag, which is denoted by the symbol #, is Twitter's method to tag posts that are talking about the same thing; this makes it easy to find out what people are saying on a particular subject. Share interesting observations, questions you'd like answered, big ideas, small ideas, you name it.  This goes for pictures as well!  Just remember to #unclogit

Star on the blog

Do you like to write?  Do you blog? Are you emailing to your colleagues and friends back home about your experience?  If so, we'd like to know!  We are looking for conference attendees to write short pieces about their experience at the conference that we can share on this blog.  For example, share with us your opinion on market-based approaches, your thoughts on the future of sanitation, or an interesting conversation you had.  Please email to have it featured, and tell your friends to check out!