Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thoughts from IRC

Guest post by Marielle Snel of IRC
It is amazing that we are already on the last day of the mega interesting conference on “Unclogging the blockages in sanitation”. The IRC, whom are one of the co-facilitators of this conference, clearly see a role for itself here in terms of being the knowledge bridge in linking the public and private sector around sustainable sanitation.

As IRC we see that sanitation is not only a private good, but also a public good and a public right. The health, environmental and socio-economic benefits of improved sanitation and hygiene practices are the most compelling arguments for public sector measures (establishing a policy and legislative framework, setting standards and rules of the game, planning, financing, coordination but also regulation and oversight with respect to the whole sanitation chain) to enable, facilitate and promote  improved sanitation.

What we see here at this conference, is an interesting audience (more than 200 persons) focusing on how better to link the public and the private sector. Clearly we have a way to go…but what better way than to be here together focusing on one of the cutting edge areas of where our sanitation efforts need to move ,in order to create sustainable sanitation for all forever!

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